It was March 23rd 2010 , Friday and we guys (Sandeep , Akshay , Rahul , me) decided to go to Pondicherry.It is about 320 km from Bengaluru.We decided to leave Bangalore by 7 in the evening in our bike (ya weird as usual but we like it :) )

We had had a glance at few blog before going to Pondicherry. So we knew basic route , Route we followed was

From Different parts of Bengaluru --> Bommanahalli --> Electronic city --> Hosur --> Krishnagiri --> Thiruvannamalai --> Pondicherry.

Click on the map below to see the places in detail. (Full screen)

Riding at night was not easy but it was adventurous. From Electronic city till Krishnagiri its awesome route , then from krishnagiri till Thiruvannamalai route is ok with few pot holes here and there for every stretch of a 4-5 km.

Its chilling when you can see only "Road surface marking" and head lights of the vehicles in opposite direction and nothing else when u are riding.

In the morning 5:30 we reached Pondicherry and we had to ask locals to reach the Auro beach. We wanted to reach there before sunrise. We managed to reach Auro beach by 6 am. It was dark so early but once we reached the beach we could hear the furious sound of waves hitting the sand. We parked our vehicles near the beach and we saw that we were the only few guys there ,But slowly people started coming in. But it was time for photography.

Sunrise was a bit disappointment as clouds were covering horizon but for photographers like me, early morning sky is like golden sky. Took some picturesque photos.

Many fisherman start their work early in the morning when waves are not that strong. Its good time for them to catch fish I suppose.

After busy day in Bangalore , sitting by a beach enjoying the ambiance was very good. As sun started raising , humidity and heat started creeping in , We searched for a place to stay near by and after little search we got a place to stay and it was pretty reasonable , 800 Rs for 4 of us in a Shack. It had a room , attached bathroom and one room at the top with fan and TV , pretty good for us.

After a night long journey we planned to have breakfast and to take rest for few hours. We inquired for few good hotels and we landed up in a hotel called "Surgur" , this was a good standard AC hotel with reasonable price and many choice in Menu :)

We took some rest after breakfast and went towards French Colony. This place is well maintained and clean place with French architecture. There is a huge Gandhiji statue as u can see in the pic . There is a wall constructed around the beach and rocks everywhere where u can sit and enjoy and its a popular spot for visitor. We had a great time there enjoying nature and taking pictures. Some of them you can see here.

From French colony we head towards Aurbindo ashram , we knew it would be closed by this time. Its closing time is 4 pm. But we wanted to see the place ,
The route was very serene and calm , compared to city :). People are mainly foreigners there but everyone is co operative and speaks nicely. :)

We saw Matri Mandir from outside. It was a calm place. Wandered there for half an hour so and came back to our room by evening.

In our room we had good food and watched Cricket (RCB vs DC , match for 3rd place is IPL 3).

Next day morning
we took our bikes and started our journey back to Bangalore and this time it was in the morning :D , Enjoyed serene greenery around and some good Roads and some good food. Hosur road is very good for riding bike as u can see here.

By 4 in the evening we were back in Bangalore and in the evening it started raining heavily. Perfect end to the weekend.

That's what I need to enjoy a weekend.

Adventure, Friends, Food and Sports.

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